Language Mama Planner

Our resource for second language learning in the home.

Here are just some of the features of this planner:

  • Filled-in example page for every worksheet
  • Space on every Lesson page for notes and list-making
  • Helps user tailor every Lesson to family’s needs and interests
  • Review pages for every lesson builds on what the children have already learned
  • Activities for cultural awareness and learning are integrated into every Lesson
  • Instructions for all activities (called “Building Blocks”)
  • A reflection/assessment page at the end of each Lesson
  • Prep pages to help the user choose Lesson content in advance
  • Enough Lesson pages to fill a 36 week school year
  • Phrases and scripts may be cut off the bottom of each page and put into your own catalog of flashcards to review (3×5 card size)

Who is it for?

The Language Mama Planner is for mothers who are helping their children age 1-5 become bilingual. This planner must be used with a “Language Mama” (a native speaker of the desired language OR bilingual parent/family member).

How does it work?

This Planner guides the user through choosing content to fill a 36 week schoolyear’s worth of language lessons, made up of everyday 10 minute activities and a weekly 1.5 hour class with a native speaker of the target language, the “Language Mama”.
The user tracks progression through each 3 week lesson plan, and at the end of the schoolyear, the planner functions as a wordlog of the vocab and phrases learned. At the end of the three week lesson, there is a Ponder & Write section for user to thoughtfully assess and readjust how the classes and children are going.
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