To Help Children Feel at Home in Any Language

through lessons which are developmentally appropriate, linguistically sound, culturally revealing and relationally practical.


It has been one of the best things we have ever undertaken as a family and we recommend it to everyone we know! Thank you so much for your hard work in devising and promoting the curriculum.
Mother of three in N. Africa
Having worked with cross cultural families for over 15 years, I know that children learning language is a major stressor. For both parents and children. Kids don't just pick up a second language. They need to have help along the way. This book is that help!
Amazon Reviewer
Expat coach
This is brilliant. It can be used to start learning any language, and with kids of all ages together. It worked great with my grandkids and friends children (a group of 7 kids ages 2-7). And I learned too, almost as fast as they did.