Collaborate With Us!

We believe the unique approach to language learning we’ve designed will help families all over the world learn to speak the language of their neighbors. Our free open source video curriculum, Kind Neighbor, makes it possible for any family with young children to start learning another language today.

Our goal is to translate Kind Neighbor videos into every language, common and uncommon. Our current list of languages in progress are:
If you don’t see your language listed, maybe you’re the one who can help us! It’s easier than you think.

Are you a Collaborator?

We’re looking for English speakers who are learning another language directly from a native speaker OR who are themselves speakers of other languages. These people must have the ability and time  to gather specific language recordings and essentially “dub” our video resources into that language. It takes an estimated 10 hours to translate and record all the videos for one Month of Kind Neighbor videos. Collaborators will not be paid, but their work will be available online on our website to benefit all future families who want to learn the same language.

We are highly interested in uncommon languages and dialects. Contact us to ask questions about any language projects we’ve started or about starting your own translation project.

How to collaborate with us:  

  1. Open this folder “Kind Neighbor Collaboration” in Google Drive. Save the folder to your drive. This gives you access to the English Video Transcripts of our Kind Neighbor video curriculum, each PDF contains all transcripts for one whole Month of videos.
  2. Translate the Video Script files into target language first. Start with Month 1, type out the  translation in opposite column from English transcript. 
  3. Record your voice saying the translation while you watch the video (from LLFC website or on YouTube). 
  4. Save the files into a shareable folder titled “Kind Neighbor [language name] Month #” and share it with us! 
  5. You can move on recording the next Month of videos, and we will put your audio files onto the English videos and upload them to our YouTube channel, making that language easily accessible to you and to any other future learners who find it!
  6. For detailed guidance on how to produce and deliver recordings see our Translation Recording Collab Guide.
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