What is Kind Neighbor?

Kind Neighbor is a language learning approach integrating LLFC’s distinctives (language learning made developmentally appropriate, linguistically sound, culturally revealing and relationally practical) comprised of videos and activities done at home by parents and children. It does not require (though would be enhanced by) regular interactions with a native language speaker.
     The approach features a month-long module of language videos and activities, and helps children grow in familiarity and confidence in the language through playful experiences. Kind Neighbor Videos are still very customizable for all learning types though requires less DIY from parents than previous LLFC curricula.
     Our goal in starting the Kind Neighbor Video project was to create a format worth replicating into any language, so those who want to learn an uncommon language might be able to easily create their own language lessons by translating our videos. Learn how to do this by clicking “Collaborate with Us” on languagelearningforchildren.com. We would love to see this project grow and be independently translated by people all over the world, then host the content for that language on our website where it can be found by anyone in the future.

How To Use

We’ve designed a simple pacing plan so you can easily start today! Download EZ Start Schedule below. 

We’ve also made a detailed guide with a couple different schedule options when you’re ready for it. Download How to Use Kind Neighbor Videos Guide below.

How to Use EZ Start Schedule and Kind Neighbor Videos in any language:

1. Print one EZ Start Schedule.  Hang it where you
will be reminded to do language sessions daily.
2. Print one Kind Neighbor Picture Pack for each learner (each learner needs
their own pages to color and cut).
3. Go to Language Learning for Children YouTube channel and save the Month
1 Playlist for your target language.
4. Follow instructions according to your week/day on the EZ Start Schedule.
Keep it simple. Stick to 10 min a day unless everyone wants to go longer!
Move on to Month 2 playlist after 5 weeks, or slow it down and spread the
sessions over 8-10 weeks.
5. You will use toys and things from around your home to do activities. Save
the Kind Neighbor graphics pages/cards for reuse each week.

That’s it! As needed refer to Activity Ideas, detailed instructions, and FAQ from the Guide for
Using Kind Neighbor Videos or watch our How To videos available at UPDATE LINK


Kind Neighbor Videos

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