Language Learning For Children

For Children Age 3-9, to learn any language from any language!
Great for use in international schools, language learning schools and refugee work.

Who is this for?

These lessons were used with children whose parents were attending an intense language school that was using the Growing Participator Approach language learning method and language kit.  These lessons are ideal for a language school to use to both teach English or any other language to students who do not share any common language.  If you have both German and English speaking children who are both trying to learn the same language this curriculum is designed to be able to help both groups of students learn their new language together, making this an ideal curriculum for an international school or for use in a refugee situation for teaching English.  These lessons can be used to learn any language for children ages 3-9.  

How does it work?

You, as a facilitator of the class, prepare materials each week for a one-hour class (can be divided into two or three shorter, more frequent sessions) where you coach a native speaker of the language in activities and games which engage every child’s learning styles. Emphasis is on listening before speaking, and most of the activities use the Total Physical Response method.

What’s inside this curriculum?

Hover over photos below to see some of the elements of Language Learning for Children 20- Lesson Curriculum.

Other features and benefits:

  • A VOICE AND A FACE. Designed to be used with a native speaker of the target language instead of relying on recorded voices. 
  • GENTLE MOTHERING. Built around the concept children learn their first language from loving parents, this curriculum is scripted to avoid strict correction and shaming and create an atmosphere of positive reinforcement.
  • NO TESTING. Lessons are not structured to single out  kids or put them on the spot, which keeps their anxiety levels low during activities and facilitates natural learning. 
  • ANY AGE WELCOME. Designed for classes of mixed ages, making it a great choice for families with children of differing attention spans and maturity levels.
  • ACTIVE LEARNER FRIENDLY. Every lesson encompasses activities to draw in all five senses. Content is repeated in different ways to engage every learning style.
  • CULTURALLY FLEXIBLE. This curriculum will work in an immersion setting to help kids “get used to the water” in a new cultural setting. Special activities are intended to be adapted to whatever the culture of the new language includes. 
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