Series: Parts of the Body

Lesson 1

Puppet:  Greeting: “Hello.  How are you?  I am fine.” Assalaam Aleikum. Aap kyasi hai? Mai theek houn.
Song:  Watch and sing song with hand motions. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. Sir kandhe ghutanon pair.
TPR:  Day 1: Stickers. Children apply stickers to speaker. “Put the sticker on my… head/shoulder/knee/foot/eye/ear/mouth/nose” Mere ____ par ek lebal daal diya.( sir / kandhe / ghutane / pair / aankh / kaan / munh / naak)
Story:  Watch a story read/told in Hindi. View same video each day.
Script: Speaker says script, pointing at each picture in sequence.  That is a head.  That is an ear.  That is an eye.  That is a nose.  Wo ek sir hai. Wo ek kaan hai. Wo ek aankh hai. Wo ek naak hai.