Who is this for?

Preschool English Lessons is an easy to use curriculum for people who are helping ESL families with children under age 5 learn English.
So if you are working with refugee or immigrant families in North America who all want their under age 5 children to learn English, this product was designed for you.

How does it work?

You will prepare to teach an hour-long, once a week class for those ESL parents and children. These lessons are designed for parents and children to learn together, so they can begin to integrate English into their home life. During the week between classes, parents and children will do simple homework activities (watching videos on this website/YouTube) to get a regular input of English language into their daily routine. To see how some of the elements work, watch sample videos of this curriculum in Spanish.
Preschool English Lessons is made of different lesson series, each having a , you will get everything you need to run the class in one printable PDF. The lessons are each formatted into easy to use instruction and script cards, so your verbage in class stays simple and consistent for the benefit of the learners.

How can I get Preschool English Lessons?

We have created one series so far, click the button below to view the Lesson sets within that series.