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Language Learning for Children 1st Edition with Coloring Book 
A 20-lesson program designed for small classroom setting, mixed age group (ideally ages 3-9 years), requiring use of native language speaker. Includes 20+ page coloring and activity book at end of the PDF. All images correspond to suggested vocabulary for lessons. Read more details here.
NOTE: We intend to make this book free as well! However, until this book times out of publication contract on Amazon Kindle store, we can’t make it free yet. 
Coloring Book for use with Language Learning for Children 1st. Ed.
20+ pages of coloring and activity sheets designed for use with Language Learning for Children 1st Edition. Read more details here.
Language Mama Planner
36 week planner to help you track and plan your children’s foreign language learning in simple format (3 week lesson plans which include daily language review and a weekly class with your “language mama”) Read more details here.
Preschool English Lessons – Ready, Set, Go!
Everything you need to run five English lessons with a group of preschool age children: Script cards for all activities, homework schedule for at-home reinforcement, all images for coloring activities and games included. Read more details here.​