Physical Object Suggestions

    The best objects to use are the “real thing” if possible. 
If this is not possible for any reason, you can utilize any toy/model you already own. 
Shown are examples of things we’ve used successfully. Large, sturdy toys are ideal for larger groups of kids and younger kids. 
Make your own object with a little help from us.  It ideally should be visually meaningful, colored, and sturdy.
​We’ve made a how-to video for this, and here are some examples. 

Suggested Toy & Play Sets

Click on the images below to order these or toys like these online. We recommend these particular toys because they are sturdy and can be used for numerous activities within Language Mama Planner or Language Learning for Children.
For action TPR and learning names of family, a small set of family character dolls works really well. These can be used in numerous games and make each language session using them something to look forward to!
Need an assortment of common objects? This box of 60 magnets have a good variety of different pictures including food, animal, toys, outdoor objects too. Each object is about 2-3″ across and made of 1/3″ thick white foam with a magnetic backing.  For the price, you cannot find a better selection of pre-made objects. (However, they should not get wet to maintain durability)
This vegetable farmer toy set can be used to learn names of fruits, vegetables, colors, and can be played with to do a variety of games: “Bring me a cucumber! No, that’s a tomato.” or “Put the yellow one in the yellow basket. Good job!” The simplicity and versatility of this set is apparent.  🙂