Complete Hindi Language Recordings for Lessons 1-2

Lesson 1 : Places/Things in a Room, Basic Actions I (Hindi)

Greeting, Role Play Conversation: Meeting Someone
VIDEO: Using two puppets, children move the mouths of the puppets in a basic greeting as the language helper says it out loud.

Look and Touch: Things/Places in Room
Point as a group to things in the room your are in (or use the coloring book images) as language helper asks “Where is the ___?”

Movement Game: Basic Actions I – Copycat
Everyone copies the language helper’s action commands together

Creative Activity: Draw Things in a Room
Everyone draws the things on their own piece of paper as they listen to language helper’s commands. 

Story: 123 Picture Book
Offer children a snack as they listen quietly to the audio and look at the pictures. Link to picture book here: 

Lesson 2 : Positions, Colors, and more Basic Actions (Hindi)

Combo Game: Learning Positions
Give each child a plastic cup and one crayon (any color). In this activity, you will be hearing “Put the crayon on/under/inside/in front of/behind/near to/far from the cup”. 

Movement Game: Taking colors to places in room
Do this activity in a room that has most of the common Things in a Room (door, table, chair, sofa, etc.).  Give each child a set of primary (red, yellow, green, blue, orange, black, pink, purple) colored markers or crayons. In this game, children will pick up a specific color and put in specific locations in the room in relation to furniture. Each command set ends with “Come back” to get the next color. All colors will be used twice. 

Lesson 4: Parts of the body, possessive pronouns
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Movement Game: Balls and Actions 
Give each child a small ball. The children will follow the helper’s commands to put a the ball somewhere on their body then complete a Basic Action command. 

Combo Game: Possessive Pronoun Body Parts
Children will point at body parts as the helper asks “Where is MY head? Where is YOUR head? etc.” You as the class coordinator should play the role of the helper, so the children can point at your body whenever the helper refers to herself. In the middle, the pronoun “ours” is added. 

Creative Activity: Drawing a body
Give each child a blank piece of paper and all primary colored crayons or markers. On command with the helper, children will pick up a specific color and draw a specific body part until a whole person’s body is drawn.