Building A Multilingual Home Course

“What I wish I could tell myself before I moved overseas with my kids…”

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Course author Elaine Thiessen, a bilingual TCK herself, raised a family in arabic-speaking Africa and has since returned to Canada to be a mother and grandma.

Now after a lifetime of experience learning language as a child and adult, teaching and learning language alongside her kids, and now sharing her heart language (Spanish) with her grandsons, Elaine wants to share with other cross-cultural living parents the wisdom she wished she had.

If you are raising any kids under age 6 outside your passport country and trying to learn language too, this course contains vital information you need to succeed.

“This course was eye opening. I have facilitated language learning for my two kids in a foreign country for three years and have seen some progress but I needed some help. This course gave me the insights I needed to get past roadblocks and smooth some bumps in the road so that my kids could have more fluency and better cultural integration. I appreciated that Elaine presented aspects of child development research that gave me insight into how to relate to my children better and how to make their language learning experience really work for them.”

Molly M.

“Elaine explained really clearly how my son’s brain works and what he needs most from his language nurturer, whomever they may be. We’re still going strong as a bilingual household and my son just started responding to me in Mandarin a few days ago! I cried tears of joy. 100% recommend this course.”

Marlyse P.

Here’s what the course looks like inside. 5+ hours of video sessions to view at your own pace and revisit anytime.