Language Family: Building a Multilingual Home 101 

Thanks for participating in our test run of this course. Your feedback is really valuable to make this course all it can be. This may help families all over the world for years to come! 🙂

Our goal is to have a course that gives an introduction to multilingualism for children (target age group: age 3-5) in a way that supports and gives confidence to parents who are living in an already stressful situation and need encouragement and clarity for how to go forward. The website and the curriculum will further support their journey as they parent young children to the place where they have the confidence and base of understanding to continue to learn the language through meaningful social situations. This is for young families already living cross-culturally, and would also be helpful training for new families heading overseas. There is no faith-based content in this course so it is completely security worry-free. 

The course is five sessions of 45 minutes each with an additional about 15 minutes for question and answer and feedback (1 hr. total x 5 sessions).

Dates: April 8, 11, 15, 18, 22. always at 8-9am California time (PDT)

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    Elaine T. and Alyssa J.