This coloring book contains 25 illustrated pages specific to each lesson in the original Language Learning for Children curriculum. Each page has no words at all and is designed to be as culturally neutral as possible, so they can  be adapted to any language context.

How to Use This Coloring Book:

DURING A LESSON:  When things get crazy during an active game, draw your students back into the new vocabulary with a quiet coloring activity. Provide crayons, pencils, markers etc. for the children to use. (Make it a speaking activity: Have your native-speaker language helper encourage the kids to ask for the crayons using their new words for each color.) As each child finishes coloring to their satisfaction, they can show the coloring page to the language helper. He/she can ask “Where is the ____?” and “What color did you make the ____?” type questions, and the child can point or say the answer if they can.  After everyone finishes coloring, the Language helper can hold up one child’s page at a time, and describe a few things from the page. “Timmy made his shoes red. He put blue and green on the pants.” 

BETWEEN LESSONS: Pass out copies of the coloring page relevant to that day’s lesson to the children as “take home” pages. Each child can color it at home at their own pace, and use the page to do “Look and Touch” style vocabulary review on their own.
Have children bring their pages back to class for the next lesson, and they can show them to the Language helper, who might ask them review  questions “Where is the ____?” and have children point at the pictures.