Ready, Set, Go! Sample Lesson

Below is a sample lesson from Preschool English Lessons: Ready Set Go series that has been translated into Argentine Spanish.  Watch the simple videos to check out how easy it is to translate our lessons into another language for your children.

Starting the class may be hard because the children and
parents might be talking and playing. A great way to get
their attention is to say, “Hello, thank you for coming to
Preschool Spanish Time. We are so happy you are here.
The first thing we will do today is to sing a song.” Sing a welcome/hello song, keeping hand motions consistent.

1. Get out two puppets and do the script TWICE. “Hi, how are you? I’m fine. How are you? I’m fine.”
2. Bring out all puppets and give a pair of puppets to each
parent/child pair.
3. Encourage each pair to move the mouths of their puppets in
turn as YOU say the words. Go around the circle of parents and
children this way. If a child is shy and hides during their turn, have
the parent wear the puppet and move the mouth as you do the
talking. If the child wants to keep the puppet but not take a turn,
that is fine. They are still getting to hear the scripts whether they
are getting a personal turn moving the puppet or not.

1) Play the song or Sing the song, “Happy all the Time” with you doing the actions. Sing the song through twice, second time slightly faster. Children and parents can listen and do actions as they desire.
(Lesson 2) Sing the song while you and the children do the actions.
(Lesson 3 & 4) Sing the song doing the actions with the children. Then sing the song again where the children do the actions without you.
(Lesson 5) Sing song and let the children do the actions alone the first time.

Bring out the special toys the children get to play with at the end
of the lesson. Take one toy out at a time and say “That is a [name
of toy]” three times, keeping the phrase “That is” consistent. Set
out all the toys as quickly as possible so the children do not have
to wait long to play. Then once all the toys are out, say, “It is time
to play.” While the children are playing, encourage the parents to
learn the words and say them to their child every time the child
brings them that toy. (Ideally parents would watch a video of you
saying the names of the classroom toys so that they can practice
those names before they come to class.)

A few minutes before the end time of the class tell the
children it is time to clean up. Sing this song as you start
cleaning and motion for the parents and children to help
as well. Sing it again and again until the room is cleaned
then encourage all to clap at the end.