We’re going FREE!!!

At times while answering the questions of “how will we distribute our book? How will we promote this stuff?” Christine and I have gone back and forth over selling our content at a profit, or at-cost, or making it free, or making it free to friends and associates who can test it for us. We’ve been all over the place. 

Christine (and my own husband) has persuaded me to go completely free: “We want people all over the world to give it a try no matter what language-learning situation they’re in. Why not make it free to them and see what happens?” I was convinced especially since I’ve benefited greatly from free resources online and realized THAT is the open-handed, open-source virtual community that we want our curriculum to join. 

I am so happy to announce the opening of our new PDF Store, where you can easily download every program and book Christine and I have created!

For those who want to officially join what we are trying to do in the world of early language learning, please join our Patreon family. We are looking for others who want to be part of this team!

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